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  • 3/20/2023: Happy Palindrome day!
  • 3/17:2023: Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m not religious, so maybe I don’t celebrate the holiday quite as it should be celebrated. For me, it’s more magical green than religious conversion.
  • 02/01/2022: Attention Passion Planner lovers! I have a new discount code for you. Use AMBER514 to save 10% on your next purchase.
  • 01/22/2023: Happy lunar year of the rabbit and the cat!
  • 01/01/2023:Happy new year! I wish you all a prosperous, happy, and most of all peaceful year! New resolutions are in the making.
  • 09/26/2022: Happy birthday to me!
  • 8/01/2022: I have begun a new Instagram for writing and journaling. If you like that sort of thing, feel free to check out NovelPlans.
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The Space Between Worlds
by Micaiah Johnson